Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the School of Structural Therapy?

The School of Structural Therapy teaches the science behind manual manipulation, and not just the technique. Understanding the fundamental principles behind technique application, and how the technique actually works, is what separates the School of Structural Therapy from all the rest. This advanced level of comprehension removes the need for ‘recipe-based’ treatment and technique memorization.

Here, you will learn how to combine elements of treatment with smooth transitions from one manipulative technique to the next using a principles-based approach. This teaching methodology has already proven effective to the hundreds of therapists trained through the School of Structural Therapy.

What will the School of Structural Therapy courses teach you?

The School of Structural Therapy courses will teach you the fundamental principles of manipulative technique including:

– How to accurately identify barriers, restrictions, and abnormal motions throughout the body.

– How to determine significant relationships of altered movements and their impact in the body.

– How to use proper biomechanics when applying short and long leverages.